Plant Technology

Supported by science for mode of action, formulation and product technology

TriPlant :

  • comes up with new, mostly unique, exciting plant derived molecules recognized by most of the relevant legislations such as US, CND, EC and others which, as a consequence, are not “mainstream compounds”.
  • masters new exciting technologies, like fermentation, for the liberation of plant-derived molecules, not available in the intestine during digestion.
  • offers exciting technologies like separate encapsulation of specific cleavage enzymes and plant derived compounds in beta-glycosidic bonds to be released together in the intestine.
  • owns all kind of galenic production technologies allowing to apply strategies such us target release of phytogenic compounds in the intestine of all livestock species.
  • within this universe of knowledge, the broad ecosystem e.g. worldwide network in the academia of the industry and the in time knowledge of the market needs by the key opinion leaders, some active cores have been created and tested to address the most significant issues such as:
  • coccidiosis/ C. Perfringens
  • good health
  • respiratory disease
  • ecological footprint
  • and so on

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