Our Services

Partnership Services

TriPlant offers a full range of independent services for feed companies

Our process starts with openness of the customer to share their challenges and know-how, so we can integrate their knowledge with that of our network.  This open and bi-directional interaction results in an exclusive and customized solution-based concept. 

We provide:

  • Novel and innovative production technologies to improve existing products. With our sister company Spraytec, we offer the latest cutting-edge production technology to optimize product stability, bioavailability, targeted release, and quality.
  • Novel active ingredients for new concepts and products. In our network are partners for plant growing, sourcing, and extraction of active compounds. We also work with university scientists to gain insights into the mode of action of the compounds to determine their effect on the animal. This allows us to integrate critical components that, taken together, bring high value to the customer.
  • A simplified and transparent supply chain. We provide direct access and full visibility for the customer, so they can optimize their pricing. This direct chain with no middle entity minimizes waste and lead times.
  • Unicity for the customer. Because we provide only exclusive customized and transparent solutions, co-developments are used by the customer to improve their portfolio and competitive advantage.

Process Description

We bring unicity to each customer

  • Superior production technology
  • All solutions are transparent, customized and exclusive on-demand